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Winter Skin Hacks

Winter Skin Hacks

One thing you can't control...the weather and it's effects on your skin. Here are four skin tips for you to transition to winter skin!

Exfoliate your entire body. Your body doesn't slough off as much skin as it does in summer months because it gets trapped under your clothes. On average you lose about 600,000 particles of skin per hour.  Pumice stone, sea salt or sugar scrubs or scrubby soaps, body washes or polishes will do the trick to help exfoliate that skin every day.  Make sure to choose scrubs that are sulfate-free so you aren't drying out your skin even more. 

 Follow up with a moisturizing petroleum-free body butter.  Petroleum products just sit on your skin's surface and do nothing for nourishing them. Splurge for products with apricot kernal seed oil, coconut oil, mango, shea butter and/or cocoa butter.

You may have noticed that your skin is starting to break out the last few weeks.  This colder front that's moving in changes how much water is in the air and the wind actually is sucking all the moisture out of your skin causing your sebaceous (oil glands) to kick it up a notch. 

Add dry, flaky skin with that increased oil production and you are calling for a recipe of acne to erupt.  How to fix it: use an exfoliating face wash,  weekly exfoliant or an exfoliating face mask to help keep the dry dead skin away.  And then don't forget to wash and moisturize daily. Yes daily!  Especially at night to get all those trapped pollutants in the air off your skin.

 Have you felt your hands catching on your leggings? Or your feet snagging on your bed sheets?  Exfoliate them and then moisturize too!  AHA are the best in removing dry skin from crusty, desert feet. Your SO will appreciate soft, smooth, cold feet on their back instead of cactus heels. 

 Your skin will be much more radiant this year.

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Pampered Radiance

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