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Tips for styling your family Photos

Tips for styling your family Photos

Does this sound familiar?! You’ve found a great photographer, the perfect location, the ideal time of year, the date and time are set…and you have no idea what to WEAR! Cue all the stressful feelings, anxieties, and sleepless nights as you wonder about colors, patterns, and textures. Well, those days are over! Let’s dive into these issues and ease your worries and fears.


  •  Dress for style AND comfort. I can’t stress the comfort part enough! If your family isn’t comfortable, you’ll see it in the photos. Your kiddos need to feel free to move around be themselves and so do you. You are the best judge of which colors and fabrics you feel best in so trust yourself.
  • Embrace the patterns! Patterns are an easy and fun way to add variety to your photos. Plaid? Sure! Stripes? Why not?! Throw on some layers, scarves, hats, and let your family express their styles. I promise you will love those photos even more
  • Colors, colors, colors. Thankfully, gone are the days when everyone is dressed in the same color! Don’t shy away from mixing up the colors. Here are some things to consider as you choose colors:
  • Your location! What colors will be in the landscape or surroundings and do you want to pull those into your wardrobe or just complement them? Use Google to search color palettes!
  • Your skin tones. Remember, you already know which colors you look best in and feel confident in
  • Pick YOUR (mom) outfit first, then work out from there. Once you have a starting point, the rest will fall into place easier. Do you have a favorite dress, jumpsuit, or top? Go with it!
  • Textures and styles will add variety. Consider mixing up pants/jeans, skirts, and dresses, with different fabrics and textures.
  • Dress for the weather. If you know it’s going to be hot or cold, dress your kids to be warm or cooler. Miserable kids make for miserable photos.


    • Is it raining or snowing? Go with it! Did the wind kick up? Go with it! Be willing to roll with Mother Nature and you could have a lot of fun and end up with beautiful, unique pictures.
    • When it comes to family pictures, photographers 100% support bribery to help the kiddos (and husbands…let’s be honest) get through it. Bring treats and/or comfort items, bring water, or make a deal with them to do something fun after the shoot if they cooperate.
    • Consider having your kids bring extra props that represent their hobbies and interests for their individual portraits.
    • BE MENTALLY PREPARED FOR ANYTHING…and decide you’re going to be ok with it. This might be the most important tip! Family photos can always be a great experience if you can follow this advice. Let your kids be kids, be willing to change up your plans or location, and decide that no matter what, you’re going to have fun.

    Clothes can be the easiest part of planning your photos! Wear what you love and let your confidence shine. You’ve got this!
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