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5 Tips for Traveling in Style this Holiday Season

5 Tips for Traveling in Style this Holiday Season

Whether you are traveling a short distance or traveling across the country, traveling in comfort is a NO Brainer! And the best part? You don't have to sacrifice comfort for style! With these five quick tips you are sure to travel happily and stay healthy and comfortable all while looking your best! 

Comfortable footwear is non negotiable! 
While walking (or running) through the airport or hopping in and out of the car at gas stations, footwear comfort is just non-negotiable. Wear your favorite pair of sneakers! Pro Tip: Want to wear cute sneaks but need to wear socks? Invest in a pair of our must have Flat SocksIf traveling in flats isn't an option, don't forget to throw a pair of our Roll a Soles in your bag! 

roll a sole flat shoes in color Merry and Bright

Wear a pair of your favorite leggings! 
Leggings are the ultimate travel pants! Throw them on with a comfortable oversized tee or flannel and you will look stylish yet comfortable! When traveling in the winter we suggest wearing our infamous stirrup leggings!! Traveling in the summer heat? Grab a pair of our bikers. They are stylish, comfortable and will keep you nice and cool!

charcoal grey sweater paired with charcoal stirrup leggings

Throw on your comfiest ball cap.
Lets face one wants to do their hair before a flight or traveling! Throw on your most comfortable ball cap for easy on and off hair cover! With so many styles and colors to choose from you can literally find a hat for any outfit! Throw that hair up and wear a pony tail cap for a put together, casual look! 

mint floral ball cap

Get yourself a good, easy to pack cosmetic bag. 
If you are checking a bag make sure to keep a smaller bag in your carry on with all your quick touch up items! A little bit of lipstick, bronzer and concealer can go a LONG way to freshen up that look when you get to your destination! Throw in a portable tooth brush and toothpaste to keep yourself feeling fresh and ready to give those loved ones your biggest smile and socially distance hug when you see them. ;) Our favorite bags are makeup junkie bags!! Small..yet packs a huge punch in the storage department! Pro Tip: Don't forget a Lippy Clip to store your chapstick! Airplanes are DRY! And having chapped lips is uncomfortable and *ahem* not fashionable! ;) 

floral size large makeup junkie bag

Wear a mask lanyard
Wearing a mask is a huge adjustment while traveling. Make it a little easier by wearing a discreet yet functional mask lanyard! Trust us when we say, you wont go anywhere without them in the future! Especially if traveling with kids! One lost mask is enough to make you want to grab one in every color for you AND your kids! Keep hold of those masks with a comfortable and discreet mask lanyard. 

Mask Lanyard hooked to a purple mask lanyard


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